15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: It's been a month now I have not gained any weight it's constant. Is it something to get worried of

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Answer: Hi dear usually till 25 th week ladies don't gain much weight and its fine. Do take care of ur diet and don't miss doctor visit.
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    Zahabiya Karachiwala728 days ago

    Hi I am 16 weeks pregnant and have lost 2 kgs. I am 58kgs in weight is it normal

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Question: is it possible your weight remains constant and your baby weight increases during pregnancy ?I m into my 8th month of pregnancy and have not gained a weight... As of now I m 52.5kg since 7th Feb. 2019
Answer: As far as ur baby's weight is fyn nothing to panic... Yet u should have had weight gain... Do you have vomiting still... Maybe because of that u haven't gained... What was ur pre pregnancy weight
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Question: I have not gained any weight. It's 5th month 2nd week running. Is there any problem
Answer: Hi.. For most women, pregnancy weight gain comes all too easily. But for others, the problem isn’t gaining too much weight. Whether due to metabolism, body issues, morning sickness,  appetite loss or another medical reason, not gaining enough weight can put you at greater risk of pregnancy complications. So, eat healthy and keep urself hydrated.
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Question: I have not gained any weight. It's 5th month running. Is it any problem
Answer: Hi dear.... As long as your baby's weight is fine.. Don't worry about yourself not gaining weight. Just eat right and exercise as prescribed by the doctor and take your medicines on time. You will anyways start gaining weight from 6the month onwards as the baby grows exponentially.
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