37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Its almot 37weeks ....and two umbical cords are seen around fetel neck is it normal

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Answer: Hello dear, there's nothing much to worry about...babies often tend to get themselves entangled in the umbilical cord and get themselves out as well...so do not worry.. but if you at any point feel that something is not right... please go to the gynecologist without thinking twice... You know your baby and your body best...
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    Vinika Kamble602 days ago

    Thanks alot

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Question: I have an ultrasound today and Dr said my baby has two cords are seen now only is it normal
Answer: Hi dear, Cord around neck though sounds frightening but it is not that scary. Your doctor would analyse how tight or loose is the cord around the baby. Many women deliver normally with cord around baby.so donot worry it's not that dangerous.moreover you have plenty of time till delivery.the cord would slip out of baby's neck in coming weeks.
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Question: Two cords around neck of baby at 35 week,is it possible for normal delivery
Answer: My baby had a cord arround neck at 35 th week and My doctor said not to worry and we still have chances for normal delivery. My doc said we can expect for normal delivery for babies who have upto 3 cords. If that doesn't cause any complications for mother and baby. But some doc may suggest c - section to avoid complications.
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Question: Is normal delivery possible with two cords around neck?
Answer: Hi dear if the baby moves and cord is loosened from the babys neck have you will have normal delivery otherwise the doctor will do c sectipn to aviod risks for the baby. Stay calm & positive dear
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