17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Its about my 5 months please say about daiting

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Answer: If you don't have sugar problems thn try to eat any thing. Morning 8 tea (wth lots of milk)/ milk with biscuits 9 am -: idali, dhosa, upma, ( good to eat steamed food than fried one's). 10am -: 2 apple, 1 banana (steamed) 11am -: if you drink coconut water then its good 12.30/ 1pm -: lunch eat 1 cup of rice with lots and lots of curry. Palak, beans, mashed pototos all are good. chickencurry (not fry) Take a nap. 3pm -: hav biscuits, homemade cakes, boilled eggs etc 5pm -:tea (wth lots of milk)/ milk 6.30/7pm -: dinner chappathi,paneer, no non veg or potatoes at night 9pm -: 1 glass of milk with apple or guavas 10 pm -: sleep well * drink lots of water
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Question: Hai please say me what is susten 200 and what was its uses please say me
Answer: Susten is a progesterone supplement and is quite commonly prescribed during first trimester to avoid miscarriage due to lack of progesterone in the body..  Its better to take it vaginally as the body will be able to absorb more of it.Susten 200 is a very good medicine which can save pregnancy. Actually, during the first trimester the level of progesterone hormone continues to decrease while estrogen started to increase. If the level of progesterone drops below a certain level, there becomes high possibility of miscarriage. Bleeding and spotting during the first trimester shows the same thing. Susten 200 helps to make the level of progesterone to the optimum level and in majority of cases save pregnancy.
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Question: Say about 3 months sonography
Answer: Hi dear.. its a NT scan.. nuchal translucency scan.. the doctor measures the fluid behind ur baby's neck.. at this age of gestation, ur baby's skin is transparent and we can see through it. The measurement in NT scan helps to identify any gentic disorders present in the baby(if at all) the NT scan values are again collaborated with Double marker test reports which is a blood test. All the best. And take care!
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Question: Plz say about best radiologist in lucknow...its urgent
Answer: If IRIS branch is available in Lucknow u can proceed within ..or Lucid ,
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