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Question: Its 8th month and doctors are telling that your baby is in standing position its leg is at down and head is at my chest place.... they are telling me to take rest else you got early delivery but in which stage today i am few years ago my sister in law was also infact she got this news of babys standing position in her 7th month pregnancy but she didnt get adviced to take full bed rest.... are doctors are telling this to me because they want money of sygerian delivery...or its true that i have to take full bedrest... if i take full rest then its possible to do a normal delivery???? Please help me

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Answer: May b the height of ur baby is more n of ur sister in law was lesser... I too had bed rest for 9 months..I used to do only some essential chores... N too much.. n I had normal delivery..when ur 9th month stats u can again start some walking
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    Divya Tanya851 days ago

    Okk thank you

Answer: If u dint take rest there is possibility that ur baby moves down
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Question: Now am 16 weeks pregnent am getting some lower stomach pain when am consult doctors they told me these are symptoms to misscarry take full bed rest upto delivery is it correct
Answer: Hello dear, your doctor knows better, trust her. Bed rest during pregnancy is no longer recommended for most conditions. While bed rest increases blood flow to the placenta, there is no evidence that it decreases the risk of premature birth..... In the rare situations when bed rest is recommended, it is prescribed at varying levels of activity restriction. In some cases, it means decreasing your activity level for a period of time. You might be free to move about the house, as long as you avoid lifting children and doing heavy housework. You might even be able to continue working. Hope it helped , Take care urself...
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Answer: Chicken is very good for pregnancy as it is the source of protein
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