19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: It's 19 week for me now... my cervical length is 3.1 cm.. will it reduce as month increases

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Answer: Yesterday my doctor told me that the length should be 3.5cm and more than that. I am 23 week and mine is 3.7cm.. if it is less than 3.5cm then i think it's a problem. And i think it will increase. Better you consult your doctor
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    Shabana Shabu438 days ago

    Ok thank

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Question: Cervical length is 3.1 cm at 29 week pregnancy
Answer: It is normal.. at 32 to 36 weeks it should be 3.0 to 3.5 cm
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Question: I m completed 26 weeks, in 19 week my cervical length was 3.7 cm but now it was reduced to 3.1 cm, is it normal, any possible to reduce more in future weeks, pls answer me
Answer: Nothing to worry for now . If any thing the doctor will itself inform you when ever you have your visit
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Question: My cervical length is 3.1 cm, any complications?
Answer: Hi, at 24 weeks cervical length of 3.1 is around lower range of normal. you shouldnot expect any complications with this length. if it decreases below 2.2 then your doctor will suggest measures to prevent chances of preterm birth.
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