37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: itching in body...especially on paln and sole...what to do

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Answer: Hi dear.. Meet ur gynecologist. It is the symptom of increased bile acid during pregnancy. It's called IHCP (intra hepatic cholecystitis of pregnancy). Ur doctor may start tablet udiliv based on the severity of ur itching. Doctor will also do a scan to see the blood flow to the baby is normal or not. Apply ice on palm and sole to get relief from itching.
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Question: i have itching on my whole body especially at night what to do.
Answer: Take liver function test.. itching may be due to high liver enzymes ..doctor may prescribe udiliv tablet for itching
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Question: having severe itching on whole body. especially on legs, hands ,palm...cnt sleep even in night due to itching.. what to do.. m nt feeling gud
Answer: Hello These rashes are quiet normal and are seen in alot of women. The rashes are called puppps as they start on ur tummy move up to ur breaste hands and legs this could get very itchy and some times cause blisters. You can take cool bath to calm the rash do not scratch as it will only make it worse try using a herbal lotion to soothe ur skin. Try the lotion on small patch of your skin as u want to find out of ur allergic to it or not. As u do not want to make it worse. Hope I helped
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Question: Feel itchy especially on feet sole nd breast
Answer: Hello! If the itchiness is too much and increases more at night, then consult the doctor as it could be due to a secretion in the liver. The doctor might suggest liver function test and give medicine also. Take care
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