31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: it's safe to opt a delivery in 34 weeks as unable to bare leg pain

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Answer: At least after 36 week. After 36 week delivery happens wilk consider as full term and normal. So wait till 36 week or go as per your doctor's advice.
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Question: Hi I 34.weeks pregnant and I am feeling pain, Kindly advise if delivery is safe in 34 weeks.
Answer: Hello dear, you should talk to doctor, as 37 week is full term, but depends upon your baby's growth doctors can suggest
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Question: If it safe delivery in 34 weeks plz ans me
Answer: It is a preterm delivery. If Yu have any complications then Yu can deliver earlier on the advice of your Gynocologist. Or else wait till 37 weeks which is considered as full term.
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Question: If delivery done in 34 weeks that will baby safe?
Answer: Delivery between 37-40 weeks is termed as full term pregnancy.. Before that it is preterm... Delivery at 34 week should be absolutely safe with some neonatal care
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Question: Gettting to much leg pain in 5 th month cant able bare this leg pain suggest me
Answer: It may be because of weakness, Start eating dryfruits and healthy food. It will help
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