20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: It's being 20 week bt still I can't see my baby bump around 18 week it was 240 gram so is it normal nt weight is 48kg n height 4.11

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Answer: It is normal dear. Few won't have big belly till the end.
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Question: I m 20 week pregnant I can't see my baby bump
Answer: don't stress about my dear friend I also never seen my baby bump until I finished my 6 month so don't worry and keep on eating healthy diet
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Question: 18 week pregnancy but not baby bump my height is 5.5
Answer: If you are talking about baby bump ,the let me tell you it might not be visible this early..and first pregnancy.. Bump size would be small di to tight uterus muscles..size of bump wont gaurentee health of baby too..so relax..my baby bump was visible from 29 th week..my baby was growing well.though..
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Question: I am 29 week pregnant and my baby bump is 42cm... Is it normal..?
Answer: Dear it dependsnon you hieight and weight, and varies from person to person. So it cant be exactly told that how much cm your baby bump should be.
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