2 months old baby

Question: it's been 1.5 month I delivered baby. suddenly the stretch marks are visible now. am using bioil still don't seem any changes . can anyone help with a remedy . thanks

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Answer: Dnt use bioil.. Patanjali coconut oil best for strch marks
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Question: Can anyone suggest me a home remedy for hairfall. It's been 4 months now since I delivered my baby and still I'm having the issue of hairloss.
Answer: Hello dear... Many women faces hairfall after delivery,since you are breastfeeding,should have healthy diet to meet all nutrients needed,these steps will help you better in stopping hairfall Have a nutritious diet,with lot of fruits and vegetables,include more curry leaves in your diet,will stop hair fall,can sun-dried curry leaves into powder and can be mixed in soups,sabji.. Drink curry leaves,Amla juice three days in a week Since you are breastfeeding you can take this juice with warm water because it will catch cold,Take your folic acid tablet regularly Have apricots, almond,figs,raisins regularly, it will give you voluminous hair Hair pack Soak green gram two spoon with one spoon of fenugreek, overnight,make paste next-day and apply in your hair,and leave it for thirty minutes and wash,use this pack next day after your head wash,it will stop hairfall Hair oil Heat half litre of coconut oil with curry leaves,Amla, fenugreek,aloe Vera,little pepper,onion and allow it to boil for twenty minutes,til it raw smell goes,use ts hair oil regularly, it will reduce hair fall ‌
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Question: Hi can anybody help me with any remedies for red big stretch marks...its red color very thick and it's burning snd itching like anything.. please help
Answer: Stretch marks may occur when our body suddenly gains or loses excess weight. During pregnancy, with the growing baby inside womb, the skin stretches beyond its capacity, leading to ugly looking stretch marks. Its always better to treat them as early as possible. U can try some home remedies to get rid of stretch marks for example use natural oils or massage with cocoa butter moisture, u can also apply aloe version gel or petroleum jelly. U can also prepare natural moisturiser at home by mixing a few drops of your favourite essential oils with a coconut or almond oil.
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Question: Now it's 7 month for me stretch marks are more on my stomach so can I use any cream
Answer: Hello! Coconut oil and olive oil are the best recommendations for curing stretch marks. They smoothen out the stretch marks. Warm castor oil and mustard oil is also recommended for use in winters.apply 3 to 4 times a day.
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