11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: It's almost 2 month I'm pregnant and I am getting pain in left pelvic is normal or I have to meet doctor

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Answer: Dear it is normal,nd it is one of the syptoms of pregnancy..
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Question: It's only 8 days left and there is no sign of pain. I am feeling uncomfortable.Should I meet to doctor?
Answer: Hi dear I understand your concern since it is already 39 weeks for you but trust me that I babies were born after due date as well so I would suggest you to please wait keep walking a lot and stimulate your nipple as I have heard it helps in our triggering labour but if you want to meet your doctor you can definitely go ahead and do that .. All the best for your delivery..
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Question: I feel more pelvic pain while moving, getting up.. and also some times I'm getting pain in belly button. I'm now 8 months pregnant..Is it normal?
Answer: Hello... Pains during pregnancy is very common.Due to xpanding your uterus and muscels are preparing birth for your baby. Soo drink more water, take pillow support under legs while your sleeping.
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Question: Hi nw I'm 7weeks pregnant I have some pain left side in stomach it's normal or any problem
Answer: Lil pain in abdomen is normal during pregnancy but severe pain can Crete a problem.. If there is lil pain then nothing to worry
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