3 years old baby

Question: It's about my son. He is two years ten months. He is able to talk yet. Only two three words

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Answer: Hello dear,  your 2.10 year old toddler isn't using more than a few words, you may be concerned. It may be confusing because he may seem to hear, understand, and follow instructions despite not speaking much, and there are no other signs of delayed development. Every child is different. Please do not rush or worry, You can help your child speak: Talk more to your child. Get down at her level or pick her up. Listen what she is trying to say Repeat the words with your child. Read story books to the child, it helps in picking words. Show things around when you are outside, encourage her to speak. Hope it helped Take care ur little one...
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Question: Hi... Madam, My son is now 23 months old but he doesn't talk yet, But he talk some words like mama, papa etc please help
Answer: Some babies take time to talk.it depends on the environment, behaviour, genetic and growth and development of the baby.my baby also started talking late,as in out house we were bilingual and baby was getting confused.focto advised me to talk to baby in one language.alsobthat my husband in his childhood started talking late,so could be gebetic too.but believe me all babies would eventually starts to talk.so have patience.meanwhile talk to baby in on language often.encoyrafe baby to blabber,donot offer any digital gadgets lik TV ,mobile etc.keep talking....
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Question: My baby is 1yr8 months old.. Still he talks only two to three words.. Am worried..
Answer: Hello dear... Each baby is different, but generally boys used to speak late when compared with girls..   so don't worry dear, mostly parents with boys will face this issue,please don't compare kids with anyone Da it will hurt them mentally You start talk with your child more and more, make him involved in little discussion,make him to express his thought,it will soon make him to speak well Be patient in teaching new words,in beginning stage, their words, pronounciation will not that much good ,so don't tease them. Make a habit of story telling,daily during bed time,so that he will engaged more to listen new words Join him in any playschool or keep him mingle with kids,so that he will learn new words. If possible you can try speech therapy,trainers will help him to attain the goal.. ‌
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Question: Hi my son is 2 and half yes old still not talk only two words
Answer: Hi! I would recommend going to a speech therapist at the minimum. Check out speech milestones on ASHA website. As far as I remember, a 2yo should have a vocabulary of about 200 words, ability to answer in one word and just able to form 2 word sentences. I'm not trying to add to your stress, just sharing what I remember to encourage you to go to a professional for evaluation. They will share tips for you to interact with the child too. Hope this helps!
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