Few weeks old baby

Question: It is so f ustrating when babies don't eat, if we force thy split it out or else thy will nt open their mouth

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Answer: U r right, it's irritating.we don't have any options but just can try with different dishes n dif erent techniques of making it..so they might like the taste n eat a little bit. .as rightly said bellow give them little food in breakfast afternoon,snacks n dinner, this will help n also a slice or two of fruits after lunch n dinner..n Inc a while if he is not eating a proper food leave him.sometime a break is required
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Question: My baby is not having food.... He don't like to eat... We are preparing food tastely only but then he snot having... But he likes to eat oil items like mixture, chappathi. He volunteerly opens his mouth. He don't like sweet... If we give he split out..for breakfast lunch, dinner.... We r struggling to open his mouth... Suggest me something to opens his. Mouth
Answer: You haven't mentioned your baby's age. Presuming your little one is around 6-8 months old, try using the fruit/food nibblers available online. You can check on Amazon, especially the one from Mee Mee. You could alternatively try to blend his feed into a bottle, you could blend any solid into liquid form and give to the baby in the bottle.
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