18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: It is save eat duck meat during pregnancy

3 Answers
Answer: Hello dear Yes, u can eat duck meat in pregnancy but remember it should be fresh and well cooked before eating to avoid any bacteria. Do not eat any cold pre cooked duck meat as it can contain bacteria. Eating duck meat is safe but have it in moderate amount
Answer: Yes it's safe to eat duck and it's good for digestion.
Answer: You can eat well cooked meat in moderation.
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Question: It is safe to eat Banana? And brinjal is it safe to eat during pregnancy?
Answer: Banana is safe to eat in pregnancy whereas brinjal isn't better to avoid or else if u had craving for it than take in less quantity u can take once in 10-15 days
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Question: Hey is it save to use indian washroom during pregnancy
Answer: Indian style toilet is recommended as it prevents constipation and also because regular squatting increases the chances of a quick and easy delivery.
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Question: It is safe to eat upma rava during early pregnancy
Answer: Hope you are doing well.. Yes dear you can have in moderation.. See to that rava is roasted well.
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