25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: it is safe to eat palmfruit in pregnancy?

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Answer: Hello! Yes, you can have it but in moderation.
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Question: is it safe to eat maggie suji pasta in pregnancy
Answer: Please avoid all such junk and processed foods because they contain no nutrition values, poor hygiene, and lots of preservatives which might harm you and baby both. Instead, if you crave for these things alot go for few spoons once in awhile.
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Question: Is it safe to eat mango in pregnancy
Answer: Yes, you can eat mangoes while you're pregnant. Mangoes are rich in iron, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B6, potassium and folic acid which are all vital nutrients for your pregnancy. They are also rich in fibre, which can help prevent constipation and are a good source of energy and antioxidants.But because of this high sugar content, you may be advised to avoid mangoes if you have gestational diabetes. 
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Question: is it safe to eat lichi in pregnancy
Answer: Hello Dear Ypu you can have 1-2pieces of litchi for your taste but In general, it is not safe to eat litchi during pregnancy since it is known to raise blood sugar levels in and lead to gestational diabetes. Litchis may also contribute to contracting infections.
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Question: Hi.. Is it safe to eat saunf in pregnancy?
Answer: yes it also helps in digestion as well as Gud to remove acidity
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