7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: it is safe to eat apricots, anjeer and pista during 2nd month of pregnancy ..and which quantity

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Answer: Apricot in pregnancy -- .apricots are known to high minerals, silicon, phosphorus, iron and calcium. High content of copper and iron prevent anemia. Apricots also cure vaginal infection. While apricot is nutritious no doubt but you need to make sure it is consumed in limit. pista has heat property so eat after 1 trimester.
Answer: u can have soaked almonds. anjeer winters me thik h wo bhi soak kie hue. but not in summers. garam krta h . almonds bhi 4-5 soak kie hue lo empty stomach
Answer: no it's not safe....can take soaked almond after 4 months
Answer: 1-2
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Question: Can we eat dry anjeer during 2nd month of pregnancy??
Answer: Hello dear... Figs or anjeer are rich source of iron,to add in your pregnancy diet,it helps in blood formation and prevent Anemia,it also has dietary fibre,which helps in boosting digestive system and relives constipation,it is best snack option to reduce your carving in pregnancy
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