4 years old baby

Question: It is possible to find the gender in heart rate

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Answer: Hid ear it is just a myth . Heartbeat can't helpsnin to know baby gender. Baby heart beat can range from 110 to 160 and it doesn't matter if baBy is boy or girl. It can be anything.
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Question: Is heart rate able to find the gender of the baby?if it shows 156 beats min.???
Answer: Hi. No dear heart rate can not decide babies gender. Please dont follow any such myths.
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Question: Reasons for changing heart rate in fetal And heart rate going to help the gender of the baby
Answer: There's no connection between heart beat rate and gender.. It it changes from time to time during pregnancy
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Question: If fetal heart rate is 169 bm ...in 18wks ..is it possible to determine the sex
Answer: This gender prediction theory says that girls and boys have different heart rates in the womb - a baby with a heart beat under 140 beats a minute is a boy, and a baby with 140 or over beats a minute is a girl. An easy method to divine the sex of your baby, but one that sadly lacks any scientific evidence. In fact, a study has proven conclusively that there is no correlation between the gender of your baby and its heart rate.
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Question: Will heart rate predicts the baby gender
Answer: Hi dear, there is no such way by which you can know the gender of the baby. In fact, I am sure you would be more concerned about the growth and development of the baby rather than the gender. I'm sure you would welcome your little one whole heartedly what ever the gender is and it would be the love of your life. All the best.
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