24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: It is my 1st pregnancy .now i am 6month of gestation .my ultrasound scan showed that everything was fine heart rate, baby weight gain , spainalcord ,everything found normal but they said that right kidney found normal ,left kidney wasn't clearly visible,.They gave the remarks that left kidney may be so small so that it couldn't found.now am concerned with my baby health will my baby be healthy afterbirth .any complications can i expect in this case?what can i do to get my baby healthy in the last trimester .please guide me .

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Answer: Dear dont worry as ots too early so hopefully as baby will grow it will get fine and of there would be anything to worry your doctor would have told you about it. So just relax but do your scans on time because its required to track baby's growth..
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Question: Hi i want to ask that i read other mom's question they all say they have white discharge but in my case i dont have any white milky discharge why it so? Is everything normal
Answer: Hi! It is not necessary to have exact symptoms like other pregnant women, as long as reports are fine thr is nothing to be worried about. But for ur peace of mind you can talk to ur Dr. Good luck!
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Question: My mom got Ceserian.. Can I expect normal delivery, till now m so healthy and active.Is there anything that hemoglobin level should be high for normal delivery bcoz my hb is only 10.
Answer: Hi,no there is nothing like hb should be more.for normal delivery ,normally hb should be good levels during the pregnancy ... If earlier you had csec then weather you can go into normal delivery depends is many factors like weather the.previuos csec was because of the preoblem with the baby or you if it was with you than you can't go in normal this time too. It also depends upon the time gap,thickness is f the scar and the healing of the stiches
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Question: Recently i did my sonography and found out that my placenta is at lowee edge. So m i n my baby at risk.. is it normal case ? please tell me what should i do?
Answer: There is no risk...bt u should tk care of urself a little bit more...........like nt to stand & sit fr long tym..nd avoid travelling
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