21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: It is difficult to sleep on my left side for the whole night. Is it OK if I sleep on my right side for a while?

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Answer: Yes you can. Be comfortable on ur sleeping position. Sleep either on left or right bt avoid sleeping on ur back
Answer: Yes its okay to sleep on.right side fr while
Answer: For a while it's OK
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Question: Is it ok to sleep straight in the first trimester. Difficult to get sleep while lying in left side.
Answer: you can sleep straight but keep in mind to change your position after half an hour in first trimester in second i will not advise to sleep more on your right or back as it can cause back pain and effect your overall blood circulation.
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Question: Sleeping left position is very difficult and pain. If any problem to sleep on right side?
Answer: Hello! Sleeping on the left ensures that the amount of blood and nutrients reaches the placenta and baby properly. But also it doesn't mean that sleeping on the right will stop it. There is no problem in sleeping in right. Also try to use pillows for comfortable sleeping or you can opt for pregnancy pillow also which are easily available in the market and help you to sleep comfortably Take care
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Question: can v sleep on right side whole the night???
Answer: Hello! during pregnancy it is recommended to sleep on the sides, specially on left because the nutrients and oxygen supply reach properly to the placenta and the baby. Definitely you can sleep on right but try to sleep on left also. Sleep one sides with legs folded and pillow in between.
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