34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is white discharge normal in this week, and lot of back pain left side...

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Answer: Yes, it is normal to have white discharge in pregnancy...The discharge is non-smelly in normal conditions. However, if you experience foul smell, bloody or greenish discharge, or itching or a burning sensation, you should immediately consult your doctor, as it could be related to infection.
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Question: I have some drops of spotting.. It is normal? And white discharge in colour of brown
Answer: Dear mild spotting or light bleeding is normal in early pregnancy.if one drop of blood then not to worry.please be on rest, take healthy diet.drink plenty of fluids.continue taking antenatal supplements.take high fibre diet to prevent constipation.avoid strenuous work, lifting weight more than 5kg, intercourse.if you have any active bleeding or continuous spotting it is better you should visit doctor once.take care
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Question: white discharge in 39 week of pregnancy is normal? Is it a sign of labor?
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy dear its not a sign of labour its completely normal nothing to worry abht Its called leukorrhea, is thin and clear or white and has only a mild odor.its reduce the risk of vaginal and uterine infections.so dont worry its normal ..Wear light pads or panty liners to absorb the dischargeif the wetness makes you feel uncomfortable. ...Wear cotton underwear that allows your skin to breathe.Change your underwear at least 2-3 times a day.take plenty of liquids nd water .take care .
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Question: White discharge and then pain in stomach for 10 minutes is a symptom of labour pain?
Answer: no dear it is not sign of liver pain usually this happens because of white discharge which is absolutely normal to have little bit in pregnancy
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