31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is weight gain of 18kg a problem for normal delivery

Answer: Hi, as per my knowledge there is no probkem with that weight gain if you don't have any other medical problem like diabetes/thyroid. Don't take stress, enjoy your this moment because this experience is very precious and do regular exercises so that your body will get prepared for normal delivery. Hope this will help you.
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Question: WHAT Weight A Baby Should gain maximum for normal delivery
Answer: It will depend upon the pelvic structure. Up to 4 kg baby can be delivered safely if the pelvis is good. Only your treating doctor can assess your pelvis and say whether it is adequate for normal delivery of your baby or not.
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Question: Minimum weight gain during pregnancy for normal delivery
Answer: Hii pregnancy weight changes from one pregnant mother to another. An ideal pregnancy weight gain includes 2-3 kg increase in the first 20 weeks then 0.5 kg every week till the baby is due, which comes to around 12 – 14 kg in total. However, it differs in reality due to pregnancy symptoms, body type, individual’s lifestyle etc. Many women tend to put on weight in the first 20 weeks or lose weight due to morning sickness and poor appetite. After 20 weeks, the weight may increase gradually followed by losing 1 or 2 kg prior to labour. On an average, a woman’s overall weight gain during pregnancy ranges between 8 – 20 kg based on her body type and diet. Also it depends on ur bmi.  Underweight having bmi Less than 18.5 should gain. 13kg to 18kg. Normal weight having bmi 18.5 to 24.9 should gain 11.5kg to 16kg , Overweight having bmi 25 to 29.9 should gain 7kg to 11.5kg and  Obese with bmj 30 or more should gain 5kg to 9kg . 
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Question: If a pregnant woman gain weight up to 100 and above.is normal delivery is possible??
Answer: Depends to weight before pregnancy. If she gained only 4-5 kg in whole 9 months it can be possible if more than 12 or 14 kg I guess only c section
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