13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is wearing underwear in pregnancy is safe or not?

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Answer: Hello dear. It depends on your comfort as I wore throughtout my pregnancy. There is no guideline which say you should or should not wear it, and it all depends in your comfort. Hope it helps.
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    jaanu gade196 days ago


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Question: It is safe not wearing underwear??? In pregnancy time..
Answer: Hello No yu should wear underwear. As there will be vaginally discharge sumtym which vl b little foul smelling to avoid embarrassment yu should definitely wear under wear. Not wearing one may keep yur vagina open for dust n infection Prine which later may cause problems
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Question: Wearing jeans in 2mnths pregnancy is safe or not?
Answer: Hi.. Very too tight clothes is not recommended as the belt or elastic near belly may cause discomfort.. So try avoiding tight fitting clothes.. Instead u can wear jeans jeggings designed for pregnancy That has soft stretchable material covering belly part
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Question: It is safe or not wearing bra in pregnancy time
Answer: Hi dear . It's actually a personal choice but there are some logic behind wearing bra as sagging bra firstly may give u pain and also strech marks after 20 week.i t can also reshape ur breast and get saggy. So u can better opt for maternity bra which has broader strap and stretchable fabric to fit ur changing size of breast. Visit some good lingerie store. They. Guide u with different collection and u can opt for one which u feel most comfortable.Hope it helped, Take care urself...
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