23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is walking essential from 6th month of pregnancy as all say?

Answer: Hi! Being active is good in pregnancy but not exerting your self means if you want you can walk or if you do nt hv any medical condition or if the Dr. has asksd you to not walk then dont, otherwise walking in the morning and evening is good fr everyone and has no harm but beneficial, it helps in keeping your BP in check your lower portion of body remains active, helps in back pain , good bowel movement etc.. Hope this helps!
Answer: Dear I did walking during my entire pregnancy. And yes walking is the best type of exercise during pregnancy to keep your weight under control, to help you avoid gas and constipation and to help in cervix dilation. So if you are not doing it till now please start doing it from today. As it is very beneficial during pregnancy. Hope it helps.
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Question: Sleeping positions from 6th month of pregnancy
Answer: please try to sleep on ur left as much as u can...u can shift to right as well ..but avoid sleeping on back as it could reduce the oxygen n blood supply to the baby n no need to say sleeping in tummy s big No.
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Question: Is double marker test is essential in 3rd month of pregnancy?
Answer: Yes.double marker is a specific type of blood test used to check for any abnormalities in the chromosomal development of the child..it may check the chromosomal disease like down syndrome.
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Question: hi...I'm in 6 month of pregnancy..doctor did not say for any USG test.Is it essential to do USG test??
Answer: ultrasound is used during pregnancy to check the baby' development, the presence of multiple pregnancy and help to pick up any abnormalities. it is pain less and safe for mother and unborn baby.
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