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Question: Is vaccinations given by government hospitals are enough??

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Answer: Hello dear,both government and private vaccination are good. But the difference is that sometimes u are not able to get all vaccination at government hospital as they have shortage of vaccination but in private u csn get all vaccine. Also, government vaccination is free of cost while private we have to pay.
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    Sowmya M120 days ago

    Hi Revathy..Thank you..ya u r correct..for my baby I took 6 week and 10 weeks vaccinations at government hospital..they didn't give rotavirus vaccine and pcv...will it be a problem for my child...I came to know this , for 14th week vaccination I gave in private..they told rotavirus has not been given since we have taken the first two vaccines from govt so the 3rd dose of giving rotavirus now is not useful..so they didn't give..

Answer: Most of the vaccine is given by govt. But some vaccine like rotavirus , pcv is given only in private. You may give these vaccine to your child also
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Question: Is vaccinations if taken from government hospitals which are for free are safe? They are too expensive when given by private doctors. Can any one pls suggest. Also some say that government one are more safe. Is it true?
Answer: Yes they are totally safe.donn wry , go for that vaccination, am also giving these vaccination to my child .
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Question: Is it good to put vaccinations in government hospitals?
Answer: Hello Dear, 1st of all congratulations to the newly parent. You must be very happy and excited.. now coming to your point. Please make it clear all vaccinations are same in both the hospitals, only govt. Hospitals gives it for free and private hospitals has 2 different charges 1. For the normal vaccinations and 2. for painless vaccinations. The 2nd one is very highly prized but your child will not get fever after the vaccination wherein along with the previous one you need to give him/ her calpol for a specified course. Govt. Hospital may not give all the vaccination mentioned on the folder but only the basic once but in private they will vaccinate all. You can even mix and match- from hospitals you can give the basics and the rest if you want can get it done from private. But for you better understanding Doctors serving in govt. Hospitals are equally knowledgeable and even more experienced as they handle many more patients a day than private hospitals.. leaving it right here for your better judgement. Happy parenting.
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Question: Is it government hospital vaccinations are good
Answer: Vaccinations are the same. Only the thing is private charge too much. Also some vaccinations are not provided in Govt. For that u have to reach private hospitals
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