26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is UTI harm during pregnancy ....how it will affect me n baby

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Answer: It is common and not harmful if treated timely. Only cases where it was harful for pregnancy was when it didn't receive the treatment timely. Hope it helps.
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Question: Depression during pregnancy will it affect baby?
Answer: Ya it affects baby's behaviour. In pregnancy mood swings is common . Do meditation don't take too much stress
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Question: Coughing during pregnancy is normal or it will affect baby?
Answer: Hii it will not affect ur baby for sure but do take remedy of it. U can have home remedies inspite of medicine. Do take proper rest for any sickness during pregnancy. Also take lots of liquid .U can gargle with warm water and salt if you have sour throat or cough. breathing warm, humid air to help loosen congestion; a facial steamer, hot-mist vaporizer, or even a hot shower can work.chicken soup, to help relieve inflammation and soothe congestion.adding honey or lemon to a warm cup of decaffeinated tea to relieve a sore throat.using hot and cold packs to alleviate sinus pain.wash your hand  often.  Another effective home remedy for common cold and cough is a mixture of lemon, cinnamon and honey. This syrup effectively cures cold and cough. Place a humidifier in your room, keep your head elevated on your pillow while resting, or use nasal strips. During pregnancy, it’s best to consume 1 crushed, raw garlic clove with each meal. If your cold is acute, you could increase your garlic consumption to 1 crushed, raw clove per every 2-3 hours. I like to smear in raw honey for taste and added benefits. Raw preferably. ACV alkalinizes the body and most illnesses can’t thrive in alkaline environments. It also contains good bacteria which helps to fight of infection. Mix 1-2 tablespoons of ACV into water or tea and drink 3 times a day.Gargle ACV to soothe a sore throat.
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Question: My wife is having UTI , is it serious during pregnancy? Will it affect baby ?
Answer: Hello darling UTI’s are more common during pregnancy because of changes in the urinary tract. The uterus sits directly on top of the bladder. As the uterus grows, its increased weight can block the drainage of urine from the bladder, causing an infection. It won't affect the baby just try to get it better fast. You can help prevent UTIs during your pregnancy by: emptying your bladder frequently, especially before and after sex wearing only cotton underwear nixing underwear at night avoiding douches, perfumes, or sprays drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated avoiding any harsh soaps or body wash in the genital area
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