34 weeks pregnant mother

Is umbilical cord around neck of baby isdangerous?

Generally it is not. But can be. Keep a vigil eye on your baby's movements. If u feel even a slight decrease in the movements, immediately contact your doctor. Sometimes the tightening of cord can be dangerous to baby. So baby movements are best measure.
Hi, it is not dangerous, Even you can have normal delivery also if cord is around neck, don't get panic
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    hemali joshi40 days ago


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Question: Umbilical cord around neck
Answer: Hi Dr congratulations...it's due to the improper sleeping position.... this gathers Dr....can't tell exactly Dr....by d time of ur delivery it can be released r not... normally cord around the neck means doc goes fr c section Dr....don't worry ... Just try to do som simple exercises like butterfly poster....
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Question: Baby with umbilical cord around fetal neck
Answer: Hello! There is nothing to worry about it. It is faced by most of the women and they have delivered a healthy baby. Just keep a count of the movements. There should be minimum 10 good movements in 24 hrs or else immediately call the doctor.
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Question: Umbilical cord around neck. Is any harmful for my baby.
Answer: If you go check section, nothing problem to your baby. Normal delivery risk
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