14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is ultrasound test is compulsory? And is it any painful during the test?

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Answer: Ultrasound is done to know the well being of baby and to know the different parts development of baby and if there is any problem. It doesn't pain
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Question: Is NT scan and double marker test is compulsory and why it suggested ... iam I'm scared. Is that painful ??
Answer: NT scan is just like a usual scan And double Marker test is like a blood test These are not at all painful and it is compulsory because it tells you about the risk of having chromosomal abnormalities like down syndrome trisomy 18 or 21 in your baby It is advisable to all pregnant women so please get it done
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Question: Mam during nineth month pregnancy internal checkup is compulsory is it painful
Answer: Internal check up during 9th month was not painful for me. You just have to keep body relax & loose. Doctor uses gloves n gel so for easy painfree check up. But i heard during labour internal check ups are little uncomfortable & painful.
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Question: Is Thyroid test compulsory during pregnancy?
Answer: Hello Dear it is better if yu get thyroid tested as yu have several harmonal changes so it also effect yur thyroid gland to sumtym it increases to very high level which may cause serious complications in yur pregnancy so it is always better to be safe than sorry dear. Take care
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