16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is tusq X syrup for cough and tusq tablets for cold safe during pregnancy ?

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Question: Hi....is it safe to have sex during 7weeks pregnancy???
Answer: no dear sex should be strictly avoided for first three month of pregnancy otherwise it can cause harm to your baby and can also result in breathing
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Question: Is promogrante safe to eat during cold in pregnancy
Answer: Dear try ro avpid pomegrante while having cold as it can increase ur cold so try to avpid it untill u have cold take care.
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Question: Home remedies for baby cold and cough
Answer: Hi dear its due 2 seasonal .avoid sleeping in ac, give bf after 2 2 hours ,bath wit warm water, wear clothes acvording to weather,give steam twice a day ,Put 1 1 drop nasoclear into nose twice a day .Warm a cup of mustard oil with two cloves of garlic and a few kalonji seeds assage this infused oil onto your baby’s feet, chest, back, and palms. Try it
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