30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is tonsil stone in twice in a month appears in pregnancy ?

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Question: Last month i got tonsil,consulted doctor n taken medicine..but now i got again tonsil..in my life i hv never got tonsil but after my baby i got it twice..is it common or any serious tissue..
Answer: Hi Dear! You get few things in pregnancy which u hv never experienced before, its not serious and if u r alrdy Dr.s guidance u need not worry and listen to ur Dr. Hope this helps!
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Question: I m one month pregnant. is hair washing twice in a week harm my pregnancy?
Answer: Hello! There is no evidence to suggest that washing your hair during pregnancy can cause harm to your baby.Pregnant women in many other parts of the worldwash their hair regularly throughout pregnancy, with no ill effects on their babies.
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Question: Cn we hv chinese food in pregnancy not always bt in a month or twice..
Answer: You can have once r twice. but dnt eat more. Take in minimum quantity.
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