11 months old baby

Question: Is thumb sucking is an issue ? My 11 month old is sucking often and mostly in night while sleeping which bugs me a lot .whether i should leave it or any steps needs to be taken to avoid that habit ?

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Answer: They say that babies give up the habit of thumbsuking as they grow up. But not in all cases. My child is now 3yr old n still continues thumb sucking. therefore I wud suggest u start discouraging the little one from now on. Apply something bitter to the thump or keep the child engaged with activities during the day. There is a solution available in pharmacies to discourage thumb sucking. It needs to be applied on the thumb. Try that.
Answer: Baby is just 11 months old. Eventually they will stop sucking their thumb. You can try to avoid that habit in later point of time.
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Question: While sleeping only she is used to thumb sucking..doc adviced me to apply femite..after applied also she is used to sucking ...pls advice how to change this habit
Answer: hi dear Humsafar baby is actually so this themselves my baby is also thumbsucker and she is 8 years old but then we are still having this problem we are unable to make her leave thumb sucking I have talked to my pediatrician numerable times and what he always told me is that please leave the baby do not force the baby your post the baby to leave it baby so this and self Comforts by thumb sucking so please wait once the baby is big enough to understand baby will leave it and the same advise I can also give you.. Hope this helps!
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Question: How often a newborn should be feeded?? Whether it is correct to feed a child who is sleeping??
Answer: Hi. You need to breast feed your baby every 2 hours for now. As babies milk gets digested in 90 minutes and at 120 hours baby feels the hunger again. At night thus can be extended by one hour but do feed at night also or baby will be dehyderated. You need to feed baby when slept also. Babies are pro in sucking milk so if baby wiuld be hungry he would start sucking on its own once you drop a milk drop in his mouth. Good luck.
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Question: Hi !! My son is 4 months old. He has started sucking his thumb in the last 10 days while sleeping (he used to sleep in cloth cradle). He s not taking feed properly in the last 3 days. It is said that thumb sucking baby used to loss appetite. Is it so ? How to stop this habit of my baby
Answer: Hi I use to put mittens on my babys hands it helped me to keep his fingers away from mouth Putting fingers in mouth might be a sign that your baby is hungry It might also be that your baby is teething provide your baby with water filled teether that can be cooled to comfort the sore gums Trim your baby's nails regularly .
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