31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: is this safe to travel in train from delhi to chandigarh. 250 kms. i m 7 month completed pregent

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Answer: Hello! Yes you can travel. But just keep few points in mind. Carry water, food and medicine. Don't lift anyway weight Use the washroom whenever you feel the need to Carry extra pillow or cushions to get properties back support.
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Question: I need to travel in 7 month from mumbai to delhi. Is it safe to travel through flight or train? Please suggest me
Answer: Hello, I'm happy to help. Air travel is safe for most pregnant women up to 36 weeks into their pregnancy. For some, the cut off date is 34 weeks, others require a doctor's note and most international flights allow women to travel up to their 35th week of pregnancy. If your pregnancy is maturing normally and you take the right care then train travelis quite a safe way to travel. If you do have pregnancy related complications like high blood pressure , diabetes, placental problems or a previous premature delivery, then it is advisable to check with your doctor before travelling. Take care.
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Question: Hlo i m 4 month pregnant can i travel by train chandigarh to delhi is it safe or not ?
Answer: Of cos u can , since u shudnt have any complication like low lying placenta...moreso, journey thru train has no ups and downs which wud otherwise be not ok fr fetus.....
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Question: Can I travel in train from delhi to Mumbai and in flight from mumbai to delhi?
Answer: Train is safest to travel in pregnancy..if you are a low risk pregnancy
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