9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: is thete any mother who have thyroid abpve 20 and instead of that their baby bornshealtjy

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Question: Is thete any difference between Cephalic position and baby dropping
Answer: hi%20dear%20!%0Aso%20dear%20cephalic%20position%20its%20the%20position%20of%20the%20baby%20inside%20the%20uterus%20which%20is%20in%20head%20down.%20%0Aand%20baby%20dropping%20means%20that%20the%20baby%20has%20come%20down%20from%20its%20position%20and%20this%20happens%20later%20in%20the%20pregnancy%20inorder%20to%20prepare%20the%20baby%20for%20the%20delivery%20as%20it%20will%20approach%20after%20few%20weeks.%0Atake%20care%20dear!%0Ai%20hope%20this%20information%20was%20helpful%20to%20you!
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Question: is there any1 who gives balghuti to their baby...and is it manditory to give that
Answer: I m giving...home made balgutti to my son. its not mandatory...Brest milk is enough for growth...
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Question: If their is any problems to baby is their any symptoms will have mother in10th week pregnancy
Answer: hi if there is any problem in the baby however you may just note is a kind of a bleeding or a very bad stomach pain if there is any sensor symptom notice you should immediately consult to the doctor otherwise do not worry just remain calm eat healthy stay fit and keep yourself well hydrated and monitor your baby's growth with proper check up and follow up with your doctor
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Question: My thyroid level is 4.56 is their any problem in my pregnancy i am 20 week pregnant now is their any problem to baby
Answer: Yes there is a problem.. Thyroid should be less than 2 in pregnancy.. U must consult your physician and have tablet till delivery..
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