12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: is there hair fall promble in pregnancy??

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Answer: yes in some women hairfall do happen due to hormonal imbalance. but its ok soon you will have new silky shiny growth .
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    Madhulika Nagvanshi1358 days ago

    there is any solution to stop hair falling??

Answer: mine z the same problem
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Question: I have more hair fall in after pregnancy.. what is a reason for hair fall?
Answer: Hello. Dear in pregnancy,hairfall is normal, many hair will go to resting phase, so follow these remedies... Have a nutritious diet with lot of fruits and vegetables, dryfruits, can include curry leaves in diet Drink more water Don't skip folic acid, calcium tablet You can also use homemade herbal oil, can also use a pack of greengram, it is protein rich, will help in preventing hairfall
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Question: Is hair fall normal in pregnancy?mainly in second trimester
Answer: yes it is normal..Warm a bit of coconut oil and massage it from your hair root to tip.Wash after one hour.Or, grate a coconut and squeeze out its milk by mixing in a little water.Apply it on the area where you notice thinning or balding.Let it stay overnight and wash off the next morning. Take the white of one egg and mix in a teaspoon of olive oil.Beat to give a paste-like consistency and apply to the entire scalp and hair.Keep it on for about 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse with cool water and a mild shampoo.
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Question: Is Hair fall normal in early pregnancy?
Answer: Yes,hota hai....lekin you consult with your doctor....... Wo apko eske bareme batayenge.......
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