10 months old baby

Question: Is there anybody who did ureteric reimplantation surgery for your kid?? Suggest any doctor in Kerala if anyone knows.. Also please share your experience after tge the surgery.

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Answer: Hii mam mera baby 11mnth or20 day ka hoya has Magar wo khana nhi khata haa
Answer: Why docter suggest u this.... What kind of surgury is this.?
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Question: Hi someone who underwent c section recently can share your experience please.. Do it really hurt a lot after surgery?
Answer: I had 2 C sec dear😀 it will not hurt if you keep your body active once you deliver the baby.you need to be in rest for atleast 8 weeks that time it will hurt little bit but that’s okie it is bearable. Doctor will ask you to walk the next day please do it it will be painful but it gives you more mental and physical strength😊once you cross this time talk to your doctor and start doing your exercise like brisk walking for 2 weeks then move to full body exercise yoga is really helpful to keep you flexible. So don’t worry after my C sec I’m super healthy and active. This will happen only if you stay active take care.
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Question: Is there anyone here who has a twin pregnancy. Can anyone share their experience and if it involves any risk?
Answer: Hi I am also carrying twins, 15week pragnant..i got some brown discharge in the 14th week because of household work doctor gave me injection & advised bed rest for 15 days..some times cervix may open that time stiches are required..
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Question: hii...Is there anyone who delibered breech baby through c section ? Can you please share your experience
Answer: I had undergone Cesarean delivery as baby was in breach position... Nothing to worry there will be no problem...
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