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Question: Is there any way to have normal delivery rather than c section in first pregnancy ??

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Answer: Following tips can help you in normal delivery – 1. Regular exercises -Pelvic stretches and tilts, deep squats, aquatic pregnancy exercises can open your hips and make your pelvic muscles stronger to enable you to have a normal delivery. Keep in mind to exercise under the supervision of an expert as wrongly done exercises can do harm to you and your baby. 2. You can also try prenatal yoga, which increases flexibility and will help you have breathing control. Yoga will also keep you relaxed and calm. 3. Stay away from stress, anxiety and too much contemplation 4. Practice meditation and deep breathing exercises regularly. This way you will inch a step closer to having a normal delivery 5. Refrain from hearing horror birth stories 6. Eat properly and eat rightly. A healthy and well nourished mother is capable of facing the challenges of labor easily and more comfortably. However, you must keep a tab on your weight as well, as too much weight gain can interfere with your chances of having a normal delivery. 7. You can also do regular perineal massages after the seventh month of pregnancy. It reduces stress, helps an expectant mother tackle labor efficiently and mitigates joint pains and muscular tensions
Answer: I have heard from my doctor and from research I have done on the web that it is possible to have a normal birth if you have had a c section.
Answer: hello.. dear you can also either go for pain less delivery...which is normal delivery with out pain..
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    Thank u so much it was really a helpful reply...

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Answer: Hi, if everything is normal at 37 weeks can try for vbac. but some indications should needed to increase chance of success.this include prior spontaneous labour, favourable cervix, should not breech presentation and placenta previa, should not macrosomia baby, maternal age should be below can be performed with good team and good ICU back up. all The best and take care
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Answer: You can do adhomoksha asan , Cat and camel pose.which might help in turning baby. You can find videos regarding this , consult with doc before trying any asan.
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Question: Is it necessary to have sex to get normal delivery ? Is it any way helpful ? Kindly suggest
Answer: No dear you Should not have sex in third trimester. As this time bleeding chance increase. If baby will do head down after that only normal delivery happen.
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