4 weeks pregnant mother

Question: is there any pregancy test kit which detect pregancy befrore 3 days of missed period

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Answer: u can use any pregnancy kit but as this could be early stage of pregnancy, it may come very thin n float line.
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    Aarti Tiwary1464 days ago


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Answer: Hi dear, HSG is a hysterosalpingography is an X ray test to outline the shape of the uterus and shows whether the fallopian tubes are patent or blocked.In HSG a thin tube is threaded through the vagina and cervix.A substance known as contrast material is injected in to the uterus to know the patency of tubes.if tubes are normal then there will be more chances to get pregnant.it will not cause any side effects.take care and all the best
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Question: I missed periods for 2 days...which is the perfect time and day for take test
Answer: Uh can check tomorrow morning but better result comes After 1 week
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Answer: Today 5th day of my missed period,but noticed milky white discharge what does it mean??it's a sign of pregnancy?? I m also trying to getting pregnant..
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