8 months old baby

Question: Is there any solution for tailbone pain after normal delivery? My baby is 7 and half months old now. Still I have tailbone pain. It's very difficult to sit and get up.

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Answer: Even me i wish somebody gives the solution
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Question: Hello... I have severe pain at my tailbone.... It is very difficult for me to sit... Plz suggest how pain will go?
Answer: Hi, you can do some massage dear. Also do hot water bag fermentation .It will help dear. Also keep a pillow behind your back for relief.
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Question: Hello Ma'am. I have 3months and 17 days baby. Before 20 days there was a lower back pain. It is very difficult to sit, When I sit for
Answer: Hi dear .. back pain is completely normal in pregnancy You can use few tips to get releif from back pain:- #Don't sit for long hours and use pillow to give support to your back. # You can take your husband's help to give you back massage. # Start some gentle exercises and walk. # Don't take too much rest # Bend carefully for lifting up the things # Don't lift heavy weight #sleep on your left side Hope this will help
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Question: Is there any problem to get pain after taking medicine for normal delivery
Answer: Hello! There is ideally no problem. But at the same time you might not get any pain and also it is not necessary that you will have a normal delivery. You might have a C-section too. Take care
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Question: Hello, After my delivery I faced piles problem, and it is very difficult to sit and walk,. Please let any solution for the same.
Answer: Hello dear Have more fiber in ur diet and drink lots of water. The more the water u drink the more u get better! Sit in a bucket of hot water for 15 mins.
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