25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is there any scan in 7th month?? That is after anomali scan?

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Answer: Hi Dear! Yes growth scan is taken at 7 months of pregnancy, and it happens after anomaly scan in this scan the growth of the baby is measured of abdomen, head circumference is taken.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Is there any scan in 6th month or 7th month
Answer: Hi! There are around 4-6 scans in a healthy pregnancy and few more for any kind of complication , since you r 24 weeks pregnant you must have had your anomaly at 21 weeks after that if required Dr. suggests a fetal Echo but not always othet than that thr is no routine USG in 6/7 months of pregnancy..fr example after anomaly i had another at 32 weeks, and in between i was asked to monitor the movements and Dr used to check for heartbeat & movement by doppler apart from that the growth which she used check by touching stomach, hence it depends on your Dr. as to when he/she would send you next for the USG, if the anomaly is alright u might be asked to go later. Good luck!
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Question: Is there any scan in 7th month..? completed 6th month but doc didn't ask to come after my anamoly scan
Answer: It's not cmplsry to have a scan in 7th month but ifu want then u can have it just to check if everything is fyyn
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Question: Is there any scan in 7th month of pregnancy
Answer: Their is no scan on 7th month, but sugar test will be their.
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