12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: is there any restrictions on wearing jeans during pregnancy

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Answer: Hello! As such there isn't no restri. But you should avoid wearing tight clothes and wear clothes whichever makes you comfortable. You can also try the maternity jeans which are very comfortable during this time. They are available in any maternity shops or you can get them online too.
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Question: Is wearing jeans safe during first trimester
Answer: yeah its safe u can wear it coz in 1 trimester we dont gain much weight
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Question: Is there any restriction on wearing tight clothers during initial stage of pregnancy
Answer: Hello Wearing tight clothes during pregnancy is not safe. Tight clothing will not harm your baby but it will be uncomfortable for you. Pregnancy can cause a woman’s body to change shape and size several times before the baby arrives.  One day your clothes will be comfortable and the next restricting. Comfort is key during pregnancy as the body already experiences numerous aches and pains. Sometimes clothes are uncomfortably tight or they place pressure on certain parts of the body Pregnant women who wear tight-fitting clothes, especially around the waist, can experience heartburn more frequently than those who don’t.  Heartburn or reflux are common during pregnancy. The pressure from tight or ill-fitting clothing can push on the stomach and create unnecessary pressure which can result in heartburn. So it is completely yur choice
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Question: Wearing jeans in 2mnths pregnancy is safe or not?
Answer: Hi.. Very too tight clothes is not recommended as the belt or elastic near belly may cause discomfort.. So try avoiding tight fitting clothes.. Instead u can wear jeans jeggings designed for pregnancy That has soft stretchable material covering belly part
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Question: Is there any restrictions for husband during eclipse?
Answer: There is no restriction for anyone whether husband or wife other than stepping out in direct sunlight during eclipse. As harmful radiations are not good for anyone.
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