25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is there any problem in missing to eat medicines of calcium and iron

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Answer: Hi. Ya calcium is to strengthen your bones to carry fetus and for babies bone development and iron is to improve your hb which ll lead for complication if hb is less and for babies blood flow..do not miss any tablets at any cost to have healthy pregnancy..take care
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Question: I am taking calcium and iron medicines but my stool is very dark in color Is there any problem to baby due to this
Answer: no dear.. aap iron tblt lerahe ho iske wajese dark color hey.. aap achese acha leafy vegetables khayiye aur water intake acha lijiye
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Question: Is there any problem if i dont take iron and calcium tablets???
Answer: Hello Yes. Your baby s development might be less developed. The calcium tablets help in development of the bones. Please eat what is prescribed by your doctor as it could lead to complications if u don't.
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Question: If we miss to take iron n calcium tablet 2days is there any problem
Answer: No no a prob..ur food also ll hv the iron n calcium ...it will not affect or cause problem to ur baby if u miss fr 2 days.but as ur demand for iron n calcium is more during pregnancy ,extra supplements are prescribed.. make sure dt u dont miss them ...u can also keep a reminder to take them on time..
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