19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is there any problem for having fried rice during pregnency ?

7 Answers
Answer: Yes... U should avoid having fried rice outside. And make sure is it Chinese preparation. It contains MSG also known as ajeeno moto which is very harmful for overall health and specially in pregnancy it is harmful for baby also. If making at home don't put vinegar/MSG.
Answer: No dear u can eat bt make sure of hygiene if ur eating outside n tell them to avoid ajinomoto..
Answer: It is not problem ..but spicy food can give gas. So have it in little amount .
Answer: Yes. Ajinamoto is added in the fried rice. So don't eat fried rice
Answer: No not at all. Enjoy healthy pregnancy 😃👍
Answer: No u can have .....but consume it in limits
Answer: No dear
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