8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is there any problem for fibroid 4.2 cm ,in the time of two months pregnant

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Answer: I also have fibroids 2.6 cm.and bleeding problem and low amniotic fluid...dr told me that fibroid can cause bleeding problem or spoting at any time of pregnancy and it incerase the chances of miscarriage.
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Question: There is a fibroid any problem
Answer: Hi dear, Few percentage of women with fibroids have successful pregnancy.many complain of abdominal pain and bleeding .fibroids usually flare up or increase in size during pregnancy due to the hormones.i the fibroid is growing in the utrine cavity,it could effect the process of implantation and also disrupt the formation of placenta.your doctor needs to keep monitoring the growth of fibroids thorough scan.though the treatment offered are quite safe during pregnancy,but chances of miscarriages are high in the initial stages of pregnancy.
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Question: I am 6 weeks pregnant..i am diagnosed with fibroid of size 7.5×9 cm . Is there is any treatment for this??
Answer: Pregnancy hi eska testament hai 9 month period ma thik ho jaiyegi
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Question: Hello. I m 21 week pregnant..my internal os is 4.2 cm..and it is closed.. is there any need of cervical cerclage?
Answer: Hi dear normal cervical length is between 4-5cm it's matter of concern if the cervical length is less than  2.2cm but yours seems to be normal and do as your doc says as he knows your case better.all the best
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