35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is there any possibility to have normal delivery for 2nd pregnancy after c section of 1st delivery

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Answer: Hi dear! Yes it's very much possible to have normal vaginal delivery after a c section also it will depend on the scar thickness too. Normally if your first c section was done 2.5-3 years before then usually there comes no problem.as there can be uterine rupture is the c section is fresh. Don't worry dear you can deliver normally just look for the reason you had to go c section last time and try to correct the reason so that it does not occur in this pregnancy as well. Take care
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Question: there is possibility of having normal delivery after c section
Answer: yes there is a possibility but delivery cannot be predicted. it all depends on the health of the baby and the mother.
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Question: Is there any possibility to get piles after c section?
Answer: Hi dear yes it is possible if u don't take more of fibre rich food and not drink enough water as when u r feeding ur body liquid is getting extracted to breast milk so good supply of water is very important. U can also have stool softener if u r facing constipation.
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Question: Can possible 1st C-section after 2nd normal delivery
Answer: Yes it possible but depends how much time it's been to your first delivery so that there is complete healing of scars if it is more than 3 years then you can think for this . But you should talk in detail with your doctor as because of 1st ceaserian,no one will take chance for vaginal delivery as during labour pain there is high chance of uterus rupture.
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