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Question: Is there any leg pains and back pain during the pregnancy??

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Answer: Congratulations 1st of all,,yes it is common during pregnancy dear, do not worry have healthy diet n b happy
Answer: Yes,some times, it's a common
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Question: Why is the leg and back bones is pain during the pregnancy?
Answer: Hello honey,how are you😃..ya I had this back pain too from the beginning.dotot asked me to tak rerst and avoid standing on on place for long...dnt lift any weights..it would reaolve soon.no heels shoe too okay😃leg pain could be mostly due to hormonal or dehydration..I used to get cramps due to not drinking enough water.
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Question: Is there any leg pains during the early pregnancy??
Answer: Hello dear. Yes it is possible to get leg pains due to expanding uterus putting pressure on surrounding nerves which in turns causes pqins like legs, hip, thigh and back. They are absolutely normal. Hope it helps.
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Question: I have leg pains and back pain is it k?
Answer: Yes it is normal to have back ache and leg pain along with cramps. During pregnancy..weight of baby and the pressure of baby and uterus on blood vessels will block blood circulation to abdonen and legs this can cause leg pain. Back ache happens as spinal chord and hip bones ligaments tend to become loose as a prep for delivery. So pain is normal
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