13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is there any issue while threading eyebrows during pregnancy

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Answer: Hi.. Dear expecting a child, is not a disease or any kind of illness. It is a natural honour rendered by God to the chosen females. Therefore, avoid lifting heavy buckets and doing any stressful job. Do work that you like, also do some regular exercises or yoga, pamper yourself make dishes for your self (food of your choice), go to parlour (get threading, waxing hands/legs, manicure, pedicure, clean up all can be done) get a good hair massage done.. Watch your favourite movies and listen to nice soothing music. Be happy you are one fortunate one, who is about to bring life in this world.
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Question: Is there any problems in threading eyebrows during pregnancy period
Answer: Hello dear. No there is no problem in getting threading done during pregnancy. These are old myths and are not true. Hope it helps.
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Question: Is there any problem in threading eyebrows during pregnancy
Answer: Hi Your can it's just that the increase in blood volume can make skin very sensitive to changes Hence the pain during threading would be or can be more then usual and hence is often said it is best to avoid it
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Question: Is there any problem in threading eyebrows
Answer: Hi No....you can do threading eye brows by normal plucking hair with thread which is safe in pregnancy but do not use any electronic gadgets or chemical to shape eyebrow
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Question: Is any problem eyebrows and upper lips threading during pregnancy?
Answer: No.. u can do it without any worry..
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