3 months old baby

Question: Is there any difference between painless and painful vaccination?? Which one is better for baby

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Answer: Don't do fast in breastfeeding... and consult your doctor
Answer: Have some buttermilk in lunch...due to heat it happens
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Question: Is there any difference between painless vaccination and the normal ones. Which one should i go for
Answer: Mine is 4 month old and I opted for DPT(painful) rather than DTaP(painless). Reason being, after much research and having conversation with different pediatricians, we concluded that DTaP are just very expensive vaccinations. Fever, rash, uneasiness are symptoms that you will expect in both kind of vaccinations and after giving prescribed dose of paracetamol the fever will get controlled and your baby would be able to handle it. Also, doctors are of opinion that, DTaP will hamper the immunization of the babies, which is why the parents should opt DPT vaccinations. In DTaP, the substance which is called as acellular pertussis causes lesser incidence of fever but there is no such difference regarding pain in both the vaccinations. Concluding the reply, I would say, there is nothing like "painless" vaccinations. Just give the prescribed dose of paracetamol every 5 hours in the span of 24 hrs and your baby will sleep it off.
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Question: What is the difference between painful and painless vaccination ? Which one is better?
Answer: Hi dear, Painful vaccination especially DTP is more effective in all ways compare to painless vaccination of DTaP. Painless one donot provide effective immunity against Pertusis,as the virus does not enter the living cells and stay. Your child can get worse form of this disease in adulthood. Please prefer the painful vaccination over the painless one. The pain and fever would last for maximum 48 hrs which needs to be tolerated by child and parents. Charges are also high for painless one.it is almost triple the price of paunfull type. Painless one would cost you around 2070/- in India.
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Question: Is there any difference between painful n painless vaccination???
Answer: Go for free vaccination in primary health centers nearby.. any vaccine is painful and it is absolutely normal for ur baby to get mild fever after vaccination.. dnt waste ur money unnecessarily believing painless vaccines.. Make sure u give calpol or paracetamol drops 3 times a day after vaccination to control the temperature.. also give cold compression (with ice cubes wrapped in polythene cover and a skinny cloth covering the polythene package) ur baby will be alrite in 1-2 days
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