29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is there any diet ttips to avoid new born baby(upcoming baby) to get jaundice free

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Question: How to avoid jaundice in new born babies??
Answer: Hi.. Mild or moderate jaundice  will go away after 1 or 2 weeks as the baby's  body becomes able to get rid of the excess bilirubin on its own. More frequent feedings of breast milk or supplementing with formula to help infants pass the bilirubin  in their stools. Else, please follow as your doctor suggests.
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Question: How can I avoid jaundice to my new born babby
Answer: U can't avoid it as ur newborn liver will not get maturity until 7-8 days after birth. So after birth keep ur newborn in sunlight @7am - 7:30am If ur newborn is having severe jaundice on pericardic advice keep under phototherapy
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Question: My new born baby facing problem to get free motion ..any remedy for this ?
Answer: Hi dear, Try massaging baby's tummy in circular motion.also try to move the legs in cycling motion.it would help to loosen the stool and come out.usually breastfed babies can pass stool once a week and are not constipated.
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