22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: is there any chance of twin pregnancy if not detected in 2 level scan.

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Answer: Hello dear, there are no chances of twin pregnancy if it is not even detected in the second usg.During the first usg. there is a chance of missout, but during the second usg it becomes clear
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Question: If the fluid level is high, is there any chance of normal delivery?
Answer: Hi, Your condition is known as polyhydraminas..It can be mild or severe.Incase of mild not much treatment is required.you will be advised bed rest for a few days and hoopefully excess liquid gets reduced as pregnancy advances.Try and keep sugar levels at optimum. Incase it is severe you will need to undergo investigations to rule out any congenital or genetic abnormality. Treatment with cox 2 inhibitor medication will be prescribed.A procedure called as amnioreduction may be advised too. If the condition gets stabilized then normal delivery is possible too. Please consult your doctor to know your exact situation so as to be well prepared for the treatment and outcome. All the best
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Question: If water level decreases,,is there any problems in pregnancy??
Answer: Yes So take lot of water content foods like cucumber, watermelon, coconut water, water.
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Question: in twin pregnancy, heartbeat comes in how many weeks? My LMP was 12th March and twins detected, but no heartbeat is there. any chance for stablity or not?
Answer: Hii heartbeat get detected in 7 to 9 week of pregnancy . dat means it may start after 2 months so still u have time so wait till.dat and then go for ultrasound to detect the beat.till den eat well All the best
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