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Question: Is there any chance of conceiving if had intercourse on 25,26 and 27 days???? ...because now my periods got delayed.. Now its my 36 days today... Yesterday that is 35 day i tested it was negative....

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Answer: Dear if these are your ovulation days than there is chance of pregnancy . When your period missed by 10 days than you should check pregnancy .
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Question: My period cycle 29 days... Had intercourse after 24 th day ...till now i havent got my periods.. Its my 35 th day today...i checked today... It was negative... Then why periods is getting late....whether there is no chance of conceiving as had intercourse after 24 th day???
Answer: Dear after 8 to 10 days of missed period exact report comes so wait for 4 5 days more then again do pregnancy test or go 4 beta hcg blood test by that u ll sure abht pregnancy try it best of luck
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Question: my lmp is may 7 ..i missed my period... I checked on 34 th day and it was negative... Then its my 38 day today... From yesterday eve And today i have slight back pain ...what could be the reason... Also we had intercourse after 25 th day of my lmp... Is there chance of pregnancy if had intercourse after 25 th day... ?
Answer: It is better to visit gync and consult with them.
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Question: Is there any chance of getting pregnancy If had intercourse on 16 and 17th day and cycle was 35 cycle
Answer: yes hopefully there is a charm...stay hydrated
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