11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is there a lipstick brand which is safe during pregnancy

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Answer: organic lipstick by shehnaz
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    Revathi Revs69 days ago

    Thank you Vanya

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Question: Is wearing lipstick safe during pregnancy
Answer: No please avoid lipstick and nail polish during pregnancy..
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Question: which cosmetics/ make up products( lipstick foundation etc) are safe during pregnancy?
Answer: hello..dearArtificial colors can be suspect too. In color cosmetics, the artificial colors you should try to cut out are CI 75470, Red 28 Lake Aluminum, Red 30 Lake Aluminum and Acid Yellow 23 Lake Aluminum. The main makeup product we avoided during pregnancy was red lipstick, since some were found to have traces of lead in their formulations. Also, check your mascara. You want to make sure it doesn’t contain the preservatives diazolidinyl urea (which releases formaldehyde) or phenylmercuric salts, acetate, nitrate or any compound of mercury. so avoid make up,lipstick or foundation in pregnancy..
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Question: Suddenly during pregnancy, I'm facing a problem of lot of grey hair. Is it safe to colour your hair for grey coverage during pregnancy? Which brand is safe?
Answer: Dear the chemicals used in the color may be harmful for u and ur baby. I would suggest consult the certified salon and asked them to suggest a safer with no chemicals or a lesser one which is not harmful if applied to u. Also consult ur doctor as well before you go for it. Hope it helps.
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Question: Is it safe to use nail polish and lipstick during pregnancy
Answer: Hi, yes you can use be careful that liostick is original and branded.
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