12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is there a chance of miscarriage at 12 weeks or after that

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Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy. I can understand your anxiety. Chances of abortion at 12 weeks is comparatively less. Don't worry. Take care.
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Question: Hi im 12 weeks pregnant is there any chance of miscarriage in future .. im worried
Answer: Hi... Plz don't worry it will more effect the situation...u have be very cool and think positively it helps a lottt.. already u r on the end of 3rd month which is more careful period...u just consentrate on baby her growth and Ur healthy lifestyle and food....takerest as much as possible..don't get stressed and nervous...first Stop thinking about future.be happy that ur little one has growing day by day.. Every thing will be fine...good luck.
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Question: How much is the chance of miscarriage after 12 weeks pregnancy ?
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy.Please follow some precautions so chances will be less 1.Never get stressed or tensed 2.Eat nutritious food 3.Dont eat food that is forbidden in pregnancy. 4.Walk for some time as it helps in digestion. Normal walk no brisk walk. 5.Drink good amount of water Have check up regularly. If you find spotting or any other symptoms please contact doctor.Take care
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Question: After 12 week of pregnancy, wat is chance of miscarriage?
Answer: Hie you have passed the high risk zone but you need to be careful and watch your steps Avoid lifting heavy object or any rapid movements Be as gently in your movements as you could be Maintain good posture to help better blood circulation in the body Lastly don't stand for longer intervals and give tour body rest from time to time
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